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 A few ideas to help you plant the seeds of compassion in your life everyday!

 CONTACT US with your ideas to add to our list!

• Say hello to someone you don't know.

• Pick up trash in your neighborhood or a park for 30 minutes.
​• Buy a beverage for the customer behind you.
• Meet a neighbor you don't know.
​​• Smile at someone you wouldn't normally smile at.
• Pick one person who is in your life daily and
   thank them for being there.
• Turn off your cell phone during dinner, a film, a play,  a
   conversation.  Be a compassionate  listener and audience
• Take a minute and just breathe deeply.
• Volunteer your time at a charity you feel good about.
• Take a sick friend some soup.
• Make a micro-loan to someone in a developing country.
• Take something needed to your local animal shelter.

   Nebraska Humane Society                 

   Homeward Bound in the Heartland

   Town and Country Humane Society  
   SOLAS Council Bluffs Animal Shelter
• Foster a dog or cat to help socialize it to find a furever home.
• Join your local neighborhood association and attend a meeting.
   In Omaha 
• Volunteer to help a family have a home.
   Omaha Habitat for Humanity


• Take needed items to a homeless shelter.

   Open Door Mission/Lydia House     

   Siena/Francis House


• Learn one new thing that helps the planet and include it in
   your routine.
• Donate children’s toys and books to homeless shelter.
• Pick up cans and bottles around your neighborhood, school or    
   park and recycle them.
• Walk or run to raise money to fight an illness.  
• Thank a first responder.
• Be kind to the people around you. 
• Help make dinner and help clean up afterwards.
• Take care of the family pet.  
• Show good manners. 
• Put away groceries.  
• Clean your room and keep it neat.
• Be a good sport. 
•Help clean the house.    
• Sit with someone who is alone.  
• Volunteer to help your teacher.
• Keep your desk clean.
• Help keep your classroom neat. 
• Hold the door for someone.
• Do as you’re asked by adults.
• Thank your teacher.
• Make a new friend.
• Thank your bus driver for getting you home safely.
• Play with someone new at recess.
• Make holiday cards for a nursing home.
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