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Article about Compassion Omaha and our signature event, Five Days of Compassion 

metroMAGAZINE, Omaha, NE • April 2014




Video from our inaugural Five Days of Compassion

KMTV Channel 3, Omaha, NE  •  April 2013



Tibetan Monks Recreate Sacred Sand Painting

WOWT Channel 6 - Omaha, NE  •  Posted: Wed 2:51 PM, Aug 28, 2013


It’s something you normally only see in Tibet, but for the next couple of weeks you can see it in Omaha. A team of Tibetan monks will be recreating an ancient tradition by building a sacred sand painting called a Sand Mandala.


It’s dedicated to the female Buddha of Compassion,Green Tara. The monks will be working through September 7th at the Omaha Healing Arts Center at 12th and Howard. Anyone can come and watch.


Roxanne Wach said, “It's a very unique art form, unique to Tibet and so detailed that you can't believe that it's sand when they get a little further out from the center where they've started now. It's actually dimensional."


Wach is the President of Compassion Omaha. While watching the monks you can also check out a benefit art show from Compassion Omaha.


For more information you can go to or




Beginning & Ending the Sand Mandala

Roxanne Wach documents the process of creating the Green Tara Sand Mandala at OM Center, September 2013, from the opening ceremony, to the ending blessing as the monks pour the remaining sand in the Missouri river to spread the blessings.

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