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Blessings & Healings

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OM Center | 402.345.5078

Live Sacred Art Ceremony

Creation: Sand Mandala Opening

Tuesday, April 2 • 7pm • Donation

Daily viewing:  April 3-14,  1-5pm • Donation

Watch the Monks recreate the ancient tradition of building a sacred sand painting dedicated to Chenrezig, the Buddha of Compassion. Viewing this detailed Mandala opens the mind and awakens the spirit. When a Mandala is built of sand, the goodness it brings is multiplied by the number of grains of sand it contains. Stop by daily to see it evolve.


Special Ritual

Chay Drol: Removing Obstacles

Wednesday, April 3 • 7pm •  $20 ADV/$25 at door 

This powerful ritual helps remove obstacles that prevent one from achieving enlightenment. The Lama places colored strings and fabric (ritually fused to represent obstacles) on participants. The obstacles are cut using Weapons of Wisdom, opening the door to liberation, wisdom and achieving your goals.


Art Show - First Friday - Live Tibetan Art!

What Does Compassion Look Like?

Benefit Art Show

Friday, April 5 • 6-9pm •  Free

Daily viewing:  Apr. 3-14 • 1-5pm & during events

Experience compassion from a visual point of view. Artists create art inspired by Post-it Note suggestions for a more compassionate Omaha from Compassion Omaha’s signature event, Five Days of Compassion. (Art sales benefit artists, CO, and Monastery.) Join us on First Friday to meet the artists and see the monks creating the sand mandala. (Call for Art HERE.)


Opening Blessing & Healing Talk

Compassion & Healing

Saturday, April 6 • 10am • Baxter Arena   

   Mainstage at the Omaha Health Expo   

Join the monks as they offer a blessing to open the Expo and then discuss the deep connection of compassion in healing. (Register for your free ticket HERE.)

Guided Healing Meditation - All Are Welcome

Healing for Healers

Saturday, April 6 • 7pm • $20 ADV/$25 at door   

Join us for our traditional Healing for Healers. This ritual cleansing by Vajravidharan, Buddha of Purification, removes negativity and its subtle imprints, bringing clarity of body, mind and spirit. Especially beneficial to those in the healing arts, this ritual is open to everyone.


Chanting & Blessings

Traditional Tea Ceremony

Sunday, April 7 • 2pm  • $15 ADV/$20 at door   

A favorite event over the years!  The monks end their day with this warm, chanted ceremony reminding us to be grateful for blessings overflowing – literally. Bring a wish or request for any kind of blessing. The ceremony is followed by a brief, silent meditation.


Offering Ceremony

Tibetan Tara Puja Ceremony

Tuesday, April 9 • 7pm •  $15 ADV/$20 at door 

An Omaha first! This special offering to Tara, the female Buddha who embodies the wisdom and compassion of all enlightened beings, helps end the suffering all sentient beings and assists us on our spiritual path. The offering uses ritual cakes, instruments and chanting.  The puja is followed by a brief Q & A.


Guided Meditation

Buddha of Compassion Empowerment

Friday, April 12 • 7pm • $20 ADV/$25 at door   

The Bodhisattva Chenrezig embodies the universal compassion of all the Buddhas. The blessing of Chenrezig (Avalokiteshvara/Kwan Yin/Kannon) helps us be more peaceful and compassionate in times of instability. Be initiated to Chenrezig’s mantra: Om Mani Padme Hum, which contains the essence of all of Buddha’s teachings.



Impermanence: Sand Mandala Closing

Sunday, April 14 • 2pm • $10 adult/$5 kids 5-12

Be a part of this traditional blessing at OM Center.  The meditative Mandala practice culminates with a ceremony and destruction of the Chenrezig Mandala, signifying the transience of life. Participants receive a small piece of the Mandala.

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